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NSFW: AdultSpace now plays friendly with smartphones

Public feed posted on Thu, 06 Aug 2009 by Clark Dent

We'll go ahead and make it clear, for the sake of those who missed the headline: This post is not something you want to peruse in your cubicle. We'll try to keep the post itself pretty clean, but clicking through just about any of the links within will lead you to pages packed with boobies, wing-wongs, and hoo-has. And yes, I did just use those words on TechCrunch. Back in March, adult social network AdultSpace (who, we have reason to believe, spent at least 13 minutes coming up with their name) got a hot cash injection of $1.3 million from various angel investors. At the time, AdultSpace disclosed that one of their primary goals was to get into the mobile space. Five months later, that goal has been reached — to some extent, at least.

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