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Check Your Website Rank Regularly

Public evis posted on Mon, 19 Dec 2011 by Andrew Isiah

When you are publishing a website with an aim of making money through the business, you need to confirm that your website's ranking is high enough to get it on the very first page of any search engine results list. The problem is that a site's rank could fall from the top to page three or four within some days, and if you don't notice the rank falling, you may definitely notice the drop-off in traffic to your website, and also in sales made. In order to know precisely where your website is, you need to perform an audit to check rank details and see whether you happen to be as high as you can probably be.

In fact, it is very general for websites to shoot up the rankings in the first few months of publishing, and then fall back sharply. This high position earlier on is because of the common public being curious about your site and wanting to know a lot about it. When you check rank during these months you are likely to be delighted with the results.

However, only some of these visitors would return to your website in the future, so when you choose to check a website for ranking position afterward, you may find it at the bottom of the list. This is frustrating but to some extent inevitable.

So as to find out how you might be doing overall in the public's search for your services, you should have to employ a professional company to check rank and traffic details often. It is much better to hire someone who does not know your business to test the website, as they are a lot likely to be ready to provide an outsider's view of your site and its successes and failures. Once they check a website, the auditors are trying to assess the pages as though they were members of the common public. You can be surprised by what they report.

A ranking check is essential irrespective of what the age or traffic figures of your website, since you may fall out of favor with the search engines at any point. New changes to the way that Google does business, for example, lately caused many popular websites to verify rank and page position within some days. This is often because the new rules changed the way that the 'bots' read the web pages, and caused several established sites to drop out of the top 10. By keeping tabs on your ranking, you may guarantee that this never happens to you.

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