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About Eviscape

Public  document posted on  Wed, 24 Sep 2008 by  Simon Redfern

Eviscape is an information publication and discovery network:




  • Eviscape Members can take part in multiple networked Profiles.
  • Evsicape Profiles can be managed by a group of people.
  • Each Profile can post rich messages (Evis) which can contain Fields, Tags and images.
  • Evis flow around the network via Subscriptions also known as "Follows".
  • Profiles can apply Filters to their Subscriptions allowing certain messages to be blocked as they pass in or out of the Profile.
  • Members can either post short messages (chatter) or longer messages (e.g. events or web pages).
  • A Profile can be "Strict" which means that subscriptions have to be confirmed before information will flow, and a strict Profile's output is not browsable or searchable except for the Profile name. In this way private networks can be formed.
  • Members can browse the Received and Published Evis of other Profiles (unless they don't have permissions because they are Strict).
  • Each Profile has a simple File Manager so uploaded images can be resused.
  • You can also access your data for you own web pages using our API
  • Eviscape is a Music Pictures Ltd project (c) 2009




    <B>Update:</B> our website has moved!!! if you would like to continue using our services please visit <A href="http://www.speedracer.com">www.speedracer.com</A>

    thank you,
    your eviscape team

    - Speed-Racer (speed_racer) 6 years, 5 months ago (Permalink )