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Geek Weekend: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Public feed posted on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 by Clark Dent

We've been getting requests from various citizens to feature their respective cities in our new Geek Weekend feature here on CrunchGear, so when a request came in for the Twin Cities, John asked me to write it up and I thought, "Oh, great. More work." "Perfect! I'm from Minneapolis! I know where geeky stuff is located!" Background Info: The Twin Cities denotes the capital city of St. Paul, MN and the larger, more cosmopolitan city of Minneapolis, MN. Together the two cities are home to roughly 2.5 million people. There's always been a friendly little rivalry going on between the two cities, with some people from Minneapolis viewing people from St. Paul as more blue-collar and rough-around-the-edges, while some from St. Paul think people from Minneapolis are yuppies. I've lived in both cities and they're both nice places. Overall, the rivalry is pretty silly, but it's there. Look hard enough in any city, though, and you'll find both a-holes and nice people. No different in the Twin Cities. Everyone's pretty nice, overall, though.

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