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AirRoad Direct is an Express Road Freight company, specializing in heavy and high value freight, delivering cartons, crates and pallets door to door all over Australia. Frequent users save up to 35%, you can book online with a credit card (no account required) and AirRoad Direct also offer a free money back guarantee, plus a Transit Warranty of up to$10

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Satisfying Your Shipping Needs By Employing Courier Online

Public evis posted on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 by John Rogers

If you own a small business or do business from home, it is easy to consign everything from small parcels to boxes and pallets for shipping in Australia when you employ a delivery company like AirRoad Direct. Whether you are a private individual or you use a small business, there are a number of choices available to you to help meet your shipping needs.

First, its vital to get a freight quote so as to budget expenses, especially if you are operating a small business or you run an EBay store from house. Freight quotes are usually free, and they are no more difficult to obtain than going to the website of one of the dependable freight companies, such as AirRoad Direct, clicking on the quote tab, entering all the data for sender, the person who will be getting, and the details of the consignment. When the quote has been generated, you might select to either print it or write it down for future reference, or go through with the transaction and use a credit card to pay for the delivery. In Australia, shipping firms like AirRoad Direct take Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

By online quotes, calculators, and booking consignments along with your credit card helps to expedite your consignments in a way that is fast, safe, reliable and cheap. When you make use of a credit card or PayPal, you are not required to register as a member nor to pay an extra monthly premium. Credit card details are not shared and are carefully encrypted on a secure web page. Most freight firms, such as AirRoad Direct, usually do not save any of your credit card info, so you do not need to be concerned regarding identity theft or the security of your information.

Deliveries will only be made through freight and courier services to businesses or private street addresses - they can not be made to post office boxes, and while the person who you are sending your item to might not be available to sign, AirRoad Direct can always require a signature for things received that they will give to you as the person shipping the item off. Not all freight or courier companies shipping in Australia deliver to every postal code, and there are some items that can't be shipped, such as food, goods that are deemed to be risky (i.e., weapons, chemicals, bombs, etc.), unlawful materials or contraband, and living animals). There are more items that could be shipped, however won’t be eligible for warranties. Check with your company to see what their policies are.

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