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Scala and Scala web frameworks

Public Techy posted on Wed, 31 Aug 2011 by Simon Redfern

Now I'm looking into Scala!

code examples:

Scala operators:

99 Scala problems:

Try it out online:


It looks nice (syntax is quite Pythonic), (but type safe) and seems to be an advanced, modern language with functional aspects. It runs in the JVM and is compatible with Java libraries.

Akka is some middleware built on Scala and there's a company that packages them in an easy install:

Web frameworks are Lift (used by 4square).

for instance:

http response cycle:

content types:

video interview:

nice simple example of displaying records in a table

this is where the lift community is at:


Docs are not so easy to find. About json / lift

Apparently Lift is very secure out of the box. (as tested by Yahoo security guy):!/rasmus/status/5929904263

Also one can use Play (originally for Java)

Note: I installed the typesafe dist and followed this to run:

As per

    •    cd lift_basic # this sample app includes database and login
    •    sudo ./sbt update # simple build tool: fetch dependencies
    •    sudo ./sbt ~jetty-run # compile then launch web app
    •    View http://localhost:8080 in a browser and see the running web app.

Scala and the underscore character _

Scala and mongodb:

Using IntellJ IDEA to create a Scala Lift project:



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    Have a look at why Bump are using Scala for their mobile app

    - ichaib (Ismail CHAIB) 2 years, 11 months ago (Permalink)