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Writing Eviscape API Hosted App

Public tutorial posted on Wed, 11 Feb 2009 by iapain

Writing simple API Hosted APP


In previous post( http://www.eviscape.com/evis/how-to-created-eviscape-hosted-apps-reehrdma/ ) I explained how you can create an hosted application on eviscape. In this post I'll explain how you can create simple cool ajax application on eviscape using eviscape API and jQuery.


Open your hosted app (code window). You can write any valid HTML and you may also use Django template, by default we pass {{ member }}(user name), {{ member_id }}(id of an user), {{ node }}(current node name), {{ node_id }}(current_node_id).


In this example, we'll create a simple app which would fetch all evis of nodes.

  • Import jQuert
  • Add supportive HTML
  • Add Javascript

 Here is you go http://www.eviscape.com/hosted/apps/7oky4uwo0mjw8ypzawdias8tav1nbqtp


and source can be viewed here http://www.eviscape.com/apps/source/7oky4uwo0mjw8ypzawdias8tav1nbqtp


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    - Bart-Simpson (iapain) 5 years, 5 months ago (Permalink)

    yeah, in this case I like readable names better, too!

    - stefan (Stefan) 5 years, 5 months ago (Permalink)

    Haha!nod_name etc might be comfortable for you, but for sure not for end developers .. who would rather use these variable to prettify the pages. I thought over it and decided to make names more sensible.

    - EviscapeUI (iapain) 5 years, 5 months ago (Permalink)

    Its cool. Predictably though I think we should use same naming convention as API i.e. mem_id, mem_name, nod_id, nod_name, nod_id_current. :-)

    - SimonRedfern (Simon Redfern) 5 years, 5 months ago (Permalink)