Help and Information.

What is Eviscape?

  1. Introduction
    • Eviscape is a communication platform: Discover, Publish, Connect, Collaborate.
    • Create or join several "Profiles" each with its own network and topics - but all managed through one login.
    • Broadcast "Evis" to everyone on Eviscape. (and/or, use Private Profiles. See below.)
    • "Evis" can be short messages or full pages containing graphics and meta data.
    • "Follow" other Profiles to get automatic updates.
    • "Filter" to block certain subjects.
    • Use "Private Messages" to communicate directly and privately.
    • Use a "Private" Profile if you need a private group or want to control who reads the Evis you publish.
    • Example: Use one Profile to keep your friends updated and share concert dates, another to update members of a film crew about a shoot and another to share family pictures with close friends.
  2. Default Profile, Memberships and Permissions:
    • When you register, we create one Profile for you but you can create more using the following link: Create Profile
    • As the original member of a Profile, you can invite other members using the Edit->Members link from the control panel. They can then co-manage the Profile depending on the permissions you allocate.
  3. "Private" Profiles.
    • Follow requests to private Profiles must be confirmed before they become active.
    • Evis published on private Profiles are not available for public searching or browsing.
  4. Private Messages
    • Private Messages are messages sent directly from one Profile to another.
    • They do not flow around the network, so in that sence they may be considered private, but note that all members of a Profile may read Private Messages sent to it.
  5. Notifications
    • Notifications are generated when someone comments on one of your Evis or sends you a Private Message etc.
    • They appear on your home page and depending on your member settings they may be collected and emailed to you.
  6. User interface tips
    • You can choose between a Compact and Advanced interface using the little arrow next to the search box.
    • You can customise the look of your Profiles. See the Edit link on each Profile.
  7. Search tips
    • By default we do an "or" search which looks for any of the words you enter. We display the highest ranked results first.
    • You can also enter a boolean search e.g.: party &!simon &!david
  8. For Developers
    • Evis can store meta-data so you can use Eviscape like a flexible data store.
    • Use our API to display your data on other web-sites.
    • Write Apps for many Eviscape users.
    • We support OAuth