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ChooseNDoPagesFancy, Pinterest and Choosendo (evis)

Hey Guys,

Thanks to Arthur, I've discovered this "Fancy" website .
Fancy is basically a pinterest for things to buy and sell.
It lets you "like" any product on the web and then let you buy it (Their growth is very important as well).

3 little buttons are are noteworthy regarding Fancy and the relation with Choosendo.

  • Buy it - let you buy from people selling it
  • I want to sell it - let you claim a product and offer to sell it in your store
  • I own it - saying that you have this product
I think this idea of letting people taking pictures of products on the go and then sellers, if interested, can claim this products and tell people: "Hey, i'm selling this product you just liked and I'm just around the corner"I find it kinda compelling. 

Maybe that's an assumption we need to test next round of interviews: "Would shopkeepers claims products they are selling if enought people are interested in them?"
"would people share products they see on the go and that they like"

What do you think? 

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ChooseNDoPagesChoosendo Presentation (evis)

Please find attached a pdf presentation of Choosendo (kind of business plan presentation).


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ChooseNDoPagesVideo for submission to Le Web (evis)

Here is the version so far.



Tomorrow Sarah is going to tweak the end frames and then we need to find the best way to export it and get the best quality - lowish size output file.



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ChooseNDoPagessome feedback about ChooseNDo (Feedback)

Hi Guys,

the last days got i some interessting positiv and negative feedback. i asked different people like store owner, old and young people consumer and seller .the result is, there are some wishes for choosendo:


  • title (Product)
  • categories
  • sort functions (distance/price)
  • districts (sort and choose the district like wedding, prenzlauerberg etc.)
  • main overview with products in a grid with small pictures (maybe a grid with 3x5 h/v picture overview)
  • very simple handling
  • nice (funky) idea
  • gps data and map function is nice and helpful
  • direct call function is great
  • why should i use it?
  • why should i pay for it, when i can use "kleinanzeigen.ebay" for free?
  • ui design is not really nice 
  • can i trust the choosendo stuff / sellers?
The wishes, positive and negative points are all from the people. i tried to explain thats are not the same as "kleinanzeigen ebay". Some understood it some not. 

i hope we can improve choosendo with the point of positive and negative feedbacks. i will continue my feedback tour tomorrow. 

lets discuss the stuff :)

sketch: click me to see the sketch

greetings marcel   

5 years, 2 months ago, 1 Comments

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Image not availableMore Iphone-app-designs (evis)

Okay, some more trys for the applications. I will also make some designs with the city and the shops in the background [and also with a black backgrounds.]

4 years, 12 months ago, 2 Comments

Image not availableChoose'N Do-Application-Design (evis)

okay, some designs for the application. Will upload later some more designs

5 years ago, 3 Comments

Image not availableChoose'n Do-Animationproject (evis)

Sorry for let you guy waiting so long. Get some softwareproblems




Tell me, what you think about them :)

I think without colours they look a bit sad. so i added some colours. Tell me wich you like the most. I also had a picture of the city with guiseppes shop  but photoshop crashed and silly me don't save the picture D: so no i have draw the city again...will upload the city later . I also have done a very ruff storyboard that i will overwork.

i hope you like the Design of Kamila and Guiseppe.

5 years, 2 months ago, 3 Comments

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