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Image not availableRe: ITEA2 assesors liked our application but the national authorities did not (evis)

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately the project has not been selected, but I think that based on the good work performed by the consortium so far, and based on the comments made by the evaluators in both ITEA2 and ICT SME calls, I am convinced that we can further improve the quality of our proposal.

A next good opportunity would be the ICT Call 8 focusing on the Challenge Trustworthy ICT.

As you may know, I met Ismail at the last ICT proposers day held in Budapest on May, and as I told to Ismail we have a very good contact network within the DG Infso, and we can liaise with the Head of Unit at the Commission, to make sure that our project is on the right track, and that we can have the best chances of success.

Thanks again for all your efforts Simon (and your team).

Wishing you an excellent week!

Kind regards,


5 years, 4 months ago, 0 Comments

Image not availableRe: ICT Proposers Days Feedback (evis)

Hi Ismail,
I was also very pleased to see you on this occasion.
Again we at Sigma, have very good experience working with the EC DG Infso (for more than 25 years now), and we can certainly help you (and the consortium) to get in touch with relevant partners in EU, and interact with the Commission in order to better fine tuned our project. Please send me all the relevant information, so that I can do the follow-up on my side.
All the best,

5 years, 5 months ago, 0 Comments

Image not availableRe: FP7 PIC Number (evis)

Hello. The PIC number for SIGMA is 999792096.

Thanks and regards,


5 years, 6 months ago, 0 Comments

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