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Eviscape-Alpha-TestersJust fixed a bug where evis were not showing in va... (chatter)
Just fixed a bug where evis were not showing in various places due to their "read" status.

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SimonRedfernHi Folks! I just wanted to say hi. I've been in a ... (chatter)
Hi Folks! I just wanted to say hi. I've been in a theatre (dance / acting not medical) for the last couple of days here in Athens. Its v hot. At some point today i had to find a wireless connection to bounce our Oracle database and I ended up in a University library. Thanks!

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MaoBlogmusicpictures home page: text (ui design)


Welcome to Music Pictures, featuring Redferns Music Picture Library, the largest collection of music and music-related images in the world. Our collection embraces every music style and genre, representing over 15000 artists, from 1920s Jazz to the latest Top Ten. We supply image files for professional licensing and a facility for purchasing high-quality prints.


Recent additions include selected images from PYMCA, Jazz Archive Hamburg, the Victoria and Albert Museum and many great independent photographers.

SUMMER FESTIVAL SPECIAL: We are covering the following festival this week: Azkena Rock Festival - Spain Find your perfect festival picture by clicking on the RECENT FESTIVALS link below!

Browse by: Photographers | Artists | Recent Festivals | Latest Uploads or Featured collections: PYMCA | Govert Driessen


Sales enquiries? Please contact us on +49 (0)30 4900 4618 (Germany), +44 (0)20 7099 4043 (UK) or email contact@musicpictures.com

Site problems, questions or suggestions? Please contact Simon Redfern

Photographers and Agencies:Register as Image Supplier | Register by emailing Image Supply | Image Suppliers FAQ

Further information: About Music Pictures | Terms and Conditions | Imprint | Berlin Office | Price List | Search Tips

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MaoBlogday 46: Eviscape Redesigns (blog)

More designs and redesigns. Control panels and buttons and icons. I've set up the screenshots through the Eviscape UI node/profile. In the designs, I've also included a shot in which the control panel is taken out of its usual vertical position and put it along the top, in a horizontal position. There's also another shot in which all the other nodes (besides the default node) is hidden.

Ach! Off to Dublin.

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MaoBlogday 45: wednesday's control panel, misc (blog)

I've received a list of projects to work on/complete in Simon's absence. Yesterday I worked on implementing my design of the node home page on Eviscape. I worked on writing some code and on figuring out where the files are located.

Today I worked on Eviscape again. However, I went back to the design side of things. The control panel has been a particularly pesky burr in my side since the beginning. If you haven't noticed, some of my screenshots have a conspiculously empty panel where the navigation should be. I was taking a walk this afternoon. Ice cream and mailing letters...when it came to me. A new idea, with something a little less text-intensive. A screenshot has been uploaded onto Eviscape UI.

It currently looks like the hierarchy in an email client. This is good because people will be a little familiar with the ui, but there is some duplication in the information presented, and it's sometimes easy to overlook most of the information when you think you already know what's there. 

Well, I also worked on organizing the text information presented on the musicpictures.com home page, as well as working more on the redesign of the whole network. The former is not presented in a design, as it's just text information, but the latter has been presented in the same screen shots as the control panel.

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