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klaasRe: Lets do something in October! (evis)

hey simon...


gonna be out of town from 2. october to 17 of november...

ttttoooooooooo baaaad!





3 years, 11 months ago, 1 Comments

klaasWaiting in the wings (dwa) (evis)
i aint gonna bring a project to maastricht, but i will bring myself and four sine wave oscillators from GDR production. this are kind of sientific instruments which you can use to create audible sine waves trough the whole audible range. from high high to deeeeep deeep sounds. by setting them up all at the same time you can get nice sounding effects. I would love to perform with someone with this kind of oscillators
 so if anyone knows what i am talking about, or not, maybe we can get together and make something nice.

 see you then Klaas

4 years, 10 months ago, 1 Comments

klaasi will go maastricht, with a car from Berlin. plea... (chatter)
i will go maastricht, with a car from Berlin. please contact me if i should take something. i leave on the wednesday 30th

4 years, 10 months ago, 3 Comments

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