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User-Tests28.8.08: Florian User Test (user test)

28.8.08: Report on Findings of with Florian

User with no previous experience on Eviscape. However, he appears to be an experienced internet user. He generally gets online to read articles and email, but doesn't really use the internet for social networking.

Inviting the user: Mao first invited the user through the "Invite a friend to Eviscape" link on the control panel. However, after about 5-10 minutes, the invitation had yet to arrive in Florian's inbox. Mao then invited the user through the "Members" link on from her MaoBlog node, which was promptly received in his inbox. This is the invitation email that I will shortly be addressing. login page: While waiting for the first invitation to be received in Florian's inbox, the user came to the login page. He didn't get a sense of what Eviscape is from this page or of what actions he could perform in the site. He remarked that it looks like it's still in the alpha stage due to the titles of the very first evis in the "browse evis" sections, which are always the first links posted on a page. He doesn't click to read any of the evis at this point, but rather clicks to browse more options in the site. At this point, as he has not yet registered, he remarks that the design looks very clean, and at one glance has an idea of the structure of the site.

Email: The objective of the email is clear: it's inviting him to join the profile "MaoBlog". However, what is not so clear is what he's actually joining. What is the purpose of the site? Why he should join? What can he do on the site? He expected a description of whether you can create a profile (or some other actions) on the site. However, when he reads " can act on behalf of a profile"...he has to take a leap and guess what that means: groups of people have profiles and if he's a member of a group, then he's a member of a profile. 

Registration: CSS is off on this page. The Login information is on top, and the registration information comes under that (so that the user has to scroll down the page in order to access the registration form). He reads the terms of service. He chooses to keep his username and full name private. When asked about this, he replies that he's pro-privacy and if he doesn't know why he should disclose it, then he chooses not to. 

Membership activated: Notices that the header color has changed, and that he's logged in with his chosen user name. The design, reminiscent of an email inbox, gives him some clues about how to proceed on the site. The clues include seeing the members and filters links on the side. He also notices that he seems to have 2 user accounts: one of which is his person account, and the other is the strange group which he doesn't seem to know anything about but joined anyway. 

He clicks on his user name in the control panel, as there is a number next to it. He assumes that this number tells him the number of messages in his account. After landing on his node home page, he sees the column titled "inbox", which he assumes to be public messages, as he has received so many after just registering onto the site. See the "What's Up" box at the top and remarks that this is probably a method to send out public messages, but as he doesn't have anything to say, he continues wandering around the site.

Speakers button: Assumes that from this list, he can choose from whom he wants to get chatter messages.

Listening/Stop Listening: From these links, he remarks that it looks like he can listen with both of the accounts (his personal one and the MaoBlog that he is now a member of), but what he doesn't understand is what difference it makes with either or none. He makes the supposition that if he's in more groups, then perhaps this becomes relevant. He continues on without testing his hypothesis.

Evis Content: He wants to see the content of the site and clicks on the "browse evis" links along the top. One of the topics shown is "UI Design". He scrolls up and down the page and sees that the they are arrange chronologically, with the most recent at top. He clicks on the first evis. Once the page loads, he sees what an evis contains and remarks that you can probably do a lot with this: post things, write stuff, attach pictures, upload video and audio...He says, "it smells a little like twitter with the chat stuff." 

Write Evis: He clicks on the "Write/Upload..." link underneath the browse evis in order to write an evis. The problem now is that he doesn't really have a task in mind. This action could have been performed to see a new page design (to see what else the site could offer him) or to search for some direction on the site. In either case, the page loads up and he says that he normally wouldn't have written anything at this point because he's not sure:

  1. who gets it
  2. how it's published
  3. how it's posted
  4. why it's posted
  5. where it's posted.

As this is a user test, he lets us know this, but still doesn't post anything. However, if he knew:

  1. more about the site
  2. the purpose of the site
  3. the type of people on the site
  4. the conventions on the site
  5. how you're supposed to use the site,

then he would be more comfortable posting onto the site.

Informing the user: At this point, the user appears to have taken a good grasp on the basic concepts of the site. However, as there have been no explicit instructions on how to use the site (as opposed to descriptions of what he could do, as found on the invitation email and help page), he gets the feeling that he's missing something, and he's not quite sure what. It's not that something seems to be missing, but rather that he hasn't grasped the whole yet.

Member Home Page: The 9 nodes show up. He clicks on the 1 node that he is familiar with: MaoBlog. He looks at the page for a bit, then goes back. Clicks on a different node: Bart Simpson. He then goes onto the Help page.

Creating a New Node and Searching: After reading the help page, he sees that people are arranged by interests in the profiles. He goes to create a new node page, titled "Test Users", but then reconsiders as the idea comes to him that perhaps it has already been created. He conducts a search and evis with those search terms pop up. He at first doesn't realize that these are evis and not nodes. This happenstance occurs a few times. 

Listening: When attempting to subscribe to Eviscape User tests, he clicks on the necessary links/buttons, but is taken back to his node home page. This confuses him, as he doesn't immediately notice the change between nodes. What causes great confusion and frustration, however, is that he does notice the change in page design. The pages have different buttons along the header and speaker icons, but seems otherwise alike. He navigates back and forth a few times.

Speakers/Members: Doesn't understand the difference between the two.

Current/Default Node: Likes the idea of such transitivity. Despite the color coordination on the control panel, he's never quite sure which node he's on at any given moment. He's also not quite sure whether the node he's viewing is a node of which he is currently:

  1. a member
  2. a viewer
  3. an owner.

Would like ownership of one node that has ownership of all the other profiles that he joins.


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User-Testsstill can't upload multiple pictures from my mac. ... (chatter)
still can't upload multiple pictures from my mac. also can't use the media browser.-mao

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User-Tests14.8.08: translator user test findings (evis)

14.8.08 Report on findings from Evi's use of the translation page

Returned user with previous Eviscape experience. Conclusions from this report comes from conversation with the user. She went through the translator pages of Eviscape on her own and took notes on main points that struck her. When the conversation delt with specific elements on the page that couldn't immediately be understood, the page was uploaded to clarify.

NOTE: The page has changed since the user performed her test. Some of the points may be outdated, but nonetheless interesting for future reference.

Guidelines: User mentioned she was a frequent visitor to the site. Despite this, she experienced confusion when no guidelines were given for using the translation page. There are multiple actions for each translation and if the user was shown the most efficient way to navigate through, then this would be helpful. While the user also mentions that the translation process was mainly self-explanatory (without the guidelines), this may be due to her user experiences with the internet in general. (A user with less experience may not be as forgiving.)

Word/Phrase Context: Need to clarify in what context the word will be used. Noun, plural, infinitive, etc.

Current Translations: When one puts the site on the German translation, there are several errors in the translation that were offputting to the user.

"Übersetzten auf Deutsch(de)...Vortschritt 0.00%" should be "Übersetzen auf Deutsch(de)...Fortschritt 0.00%". Trac ticket #268 has been assigned to JT.

Footer on the Login Page: The footer that appears on the login page allows the user to click on "Please help us translate Eviscape!" and "Switch Style". However, these are the only two links that don't do anything when clicked (no error message is shown to indicate any change). These links should either be taken out, or a message should inform the user to log in.

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User-Tests7.8.08: user test (user test)

Report on User Test with Katrin: 7.8.08

New user with no previous Eviscape experience. User test lasted approximately 30-45 minutes and included testing of basic design elements. Understanding of the network as a comprehensive and sophisticated whole (including hopping, nuances to writing evis, tags, etc.) was not as thoroughly tested.

The Invitation Email: She expressed confusion in the terminology used (Avitar, identity, Evis) and didn’t understand what “start listening” meant. She assumed that it was in the literal sense, as in in which the user can actually start listening to artist  tracks. This prevented her from understanding the concept of the network upon first glance. However, when we requested that she not navigate away from the current screen due to technical difficulties, she took a closer look each individual word and line in the email. She vocalized her hypothesis that nodes are persons and communities that network and work in some kind of grouping. She assumed that “evis are some free-flowing stuff” and came to the conclusion that nodes send out evis. Some of the terminology was useful at this point because of their association with emails, such as “spam” and “messages”.

Registration: Some confusion is experienced upon her use of a space in the username, and an error message is thrown up after she submits her information.

The home pages of the site and the node: understands that the 9 large icons are connected somehow to the user on which she views them. After clicking on Simon’s node, she recognized that those nodes were related to him. However, she didn’t understand how nodes on the Eviscape home page were connected to her. There seemed to be no indication beyond the node name to interest her.

Received Evis page: expressed confusion as to how she received so many emails (she received all the evis from Simon, who invited her). Did he write them after sending her the invitation?

Create a node: after understanding the concept of a node, she expressed excitement over the possibilities. However, after clicking on this button and being re-routed to the new page, she glanced at it a for few moments, and then navigated away again.

Node Home Page: consists almost entirely of text. The user scrolled around frequently and didn’t appear to hold any particular interest toward any one section or evis or part of the header. Perhaps need to highlight some areas: some things must be more important than others. Equal weight is given to the elements in the current design and does not distinguish in level of importance.

Sent and Received Evis columns: first impression from the current design is that received evis are responses from the sent evis. Expressed some frustration with the terminology found above the icons at the bottom: Listeners and Speakers. However, in the manner that they are currently grouped, she understood that listeners are related to the sent evis, and speakers are related to the received evis.

Browse and back buttons: very attached. These were the two main consistent actions during the test. When she landed on a new page and didn’t understand (or wasn’t interested in) the content, she would click on the “back” button. When she couldn’t think of anything further to do on the site, she would click on the “browse” buttons. 

Write evis: one of the features that she expressed interest in was the button that allowed her to add images. She seemed (and vocalized) being overwhelmed by the text area. She didn’t understand the tags section and clicked a few buttons. An error message would pop up in a new window each time, but it was of particular interest that she clicked on the same tag button multiple times in order to find out what action it performed, despite the pop-up windows.

Filters: she typed in "porn" for the selections: if "Node" "contains". This was the presumably under the assumption that all porn-related items would be filtered out of the node. A trac ticket will shortly be entered into the system so that "Node" will be changed to something more specific. (See notes below.)

Translate evis page: need some context for the words. She read other comments, made her own comments, rated other entries, and finally made her own contribution. There should be a different hierarchy: add your own entry, rate others and comment. Directions and examples should be given as to how to translate a word or phrase.

Notes to staff: JT: a trac ticket will soon be placed for you to take out the banner on the login and register pages; make the node description font size larger

Other Trac Tickets:

*Make it so that the user can edit the name of the filter

*In the Filter options: change “Node” to “Node name”, “Node description” or “Node name and desciption”


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User-Tests5.08: drop down color options 4 (design)


Outline boxes on the Start Listening and Send Direct Messages 

The boxes are a lightish purple tint

There are boxes around the text, and around the triangle drop-down boxes



This is like the one above, but instead of separate boxes on the text and the triangle, they share one box, but are separated by a line


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MaoBlog (Mao )

skmo (Mao )
Image not availableUser test with J today (User Test)
LinuxOfficeProgrammer Control Panel: Closed

Initial Home Page

- "not really inviting". mentioned sykpe home page as a nicer example.
"it doesn't advertise the product", "doesn't convince me to go through the sign up process"
suggested a "walkthrough - popup - (animation) showing what you can do."
moved his mouse around some time before clicking the login link.

Login / Register

- liked Open ID option (but didn't use it)
- profile name says "no spaces please" *this should only appear if spaces are used* (otherwise its like reporting an error when there is none)

Welcome page

need to check text (wrong plural) on this page.

Home Page.

Liked dash board. (movable Apps etc) He wanted to be able to collapse the Apps (make them smaller width). And place two side by side. i.e. J thought that the apps took up too much room. He also thought the micro evis box should be an App so he could move it like the other Apps.

(text bug: Active Nodes word is used instead of Profiles)


J wanted to write a comment on the timeline (i.e. comment would fold out in place like F.B.) rather than going to the read evis page.

said: Evis could be half width. Asked about twitter integration even though he doesn' have a twitter account (we should consider a CC link)

Micro Evis

Couldn't find "full text editor" i.e. J didn't find Write Evis link. Suggested the full text options could appear when you click in the field.


Wanted to have a "Add" link, next to Preview (i.e. so don't have to preview in order to add). Also thought that the preview was taking too much space.

Scary Message about App permissions.

(It also seems that there is a mis match of permissions required the the usage of the app. I.e. why doesn't You Tube Box need read access to my Account just for searching Tube Tube?)

After adding app, need a link to go back to the dashboard.

(You tube box was broken)

Show waiting icon when refreshing.

Noted that he couldn't delete some Apps.


After logout, went back to Login / Register. confusing.


Wanted a "more widgets" link.

"How can I follow someone?"

Liked the Authors panel (wanted to see names of authors)

Suggested Stop Following instead of UnFollow

Key short cut for "Micro Evis Post" doesn't not work.

How to create a Profile?


Wanted to have a look at filters but I said it wasn't really ready (short of time too)

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Image not availablePart 1 of user test with Ben (User Test)

on the balcony at home

big social network user

We mainly tested the registration and edit profile pages:

  • Registration went OK. (I had invited him to be an author in a profile)
  • Author Activation page looks a bit naff (design)
  • Chatter switch dropdown not working in IE
  • Made changes to profile but forgot to save (can we prompt for that somehow before leaving page?)
  • HEX colour editor made no sense to him (colour picker has already been added by deepak)
  • Troubles with edit profile (problem with linebreak in feeds but could have been other problems too)
  • Troubles with edit profile error messages (proxy object non translated string)
I've added tickets for most of that stuff.

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Image not availableUser Test with Daniel Denrda (architecht) (user test)

computer user level: high

Location: in our office

Situation: nice and quiet

Daniel didn't know anything about eviscape.

-> Typing the eviscape URL

He mistyped URL

-> Register

Got confused between the fields. i.e. was the label for the field above or below? * We need to ad some space between each field and label.

-> Post Register spash page

Too much text. - Or rather text not empashised as to what is important. * We need to move the bold bit about email activation to the top.

-> Activation Email

Very good. He clicked it and it worked!

-> Browsed Profile "SimonRedfern"

"Still not clear" (what eviscape is)

-> Home

He wanted a more info page
Suggested we use big text like Tumblr. Also reffered to aka-aki for design and intro.

Didn't like drop down to select link/chatter etc. Said it was an extra click. * Maybe we could have a mac style doc icons that get bigger as you scroll over. (Picture, Text, Sound etc)

-> Follow options empty (bug) * We need to remove this null option when only one profile.

-> Write Evis

-> Back Button

-> Home

-> clicked on Sustainable Design Profile

He noticed that the "spacing" of the text was not consistent (it may be in the data but we could still clean it up if lines of text at end). Also wasn't sure evis were "different" i.e. some evis are short and some long. (I think we need to work on making text larger if its short length text, removing duplicate subject etc)

He wanted to put comments on a photo itself (rather than scrolling down and saying "the third photo from the top is cool".)

-> More browsing around Profiles

-> Follow

(a bit slow)

-> Settings

Wanted to set a setting for a Profile so went to Profiles in Member settings but then back to the Profile * We need to add an edit link to the Profile list.

-> Micro Evis Link

Error (then) couldn't post. * Check this with and without error.

"Can I look for people where I'm from?" * Need to add location field to Member

-> Wanted to Contact iapain

Contact button was not there (due to anti spam bug) * Fix

Daniel was kind of done at this point. He wanted to see pictures / calendar. Asked what was different about eviscape? I said you could use different Profiles for different subjects etc:

-> Create new Profile

Style missing (should have popped up) * Make pop up

Permalink was confusing (again!) * Can we can remove the permalink from the create node and just let people edit it? 

Was interested / confused about how stuff got into his inbox! On Profile view he wanted to see his Inbox on top. ("I want to see what others have written" - * We still need to consider this perhaps with a member level setting.

"How to find people?" I suggested search. He suggested Profiles should go at top of results. Also when he scrolled he missed the Profiles because they look very similar to the Evis. * should make them look different somehow. (But I don't think he would have thought of searching for people.) * So probably we need a "Find People" page.

-> Inviting me to his second Profile.

Clicked the Invite Authors link no problem
"I don't know your profile" I prompted: said "just type" He found lots of me! * We should reduce the number of Profiles we return that match a name (right now i guess we are returning all profiles I created but we should limit that to primary profile?)

Clicked Invite - but it was not obvious that it had succeeded! (he was about to click the invite button again.) *Need to make the success message bigger / brighter. - Or it should close and reload the calling page.

-> Personalised home page

Found magnetic poetry! But when he clicked Add To Home nothing happened. * Something should happen!

- Trying to find Profile Settings again (we need that edit link in list of Profiles)
* We should take strict out of Advanced and make Advanced link bigger. (he was maybe going to confuse strict with hiding member full name)

Found fresh cats widget. Even explored the source code for it!

- Need impresum * True We should add this!

End of Test.

Overall it was a good test. Many features were used.
Notable exceptions:

  • Drop down for Profile options.(didn't see it)
  • Write Evis (he hit the back button when he saw it)

Thanks very much@kenzedeen !


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Image not availableNice user test with T (evis)



tech level: high

  • remove techy stuff from invitation email  (done)
  • he suggested silverback <span class="http-markup"><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></span> for usertesting.
  • "why ask for my full name?" he wanted the privacy checkbox there (rather than later in settings)
  • "complicated". - After registration he saw the 4 empty boxes (inbox, sent, subscriptions, subscribers) - he said if it's a formal context that much explanation is good but not nessesarily otherwise. (i changed the default view to "timeline" which is a bit cleaner)
  • "too many options" (chatter, link, photo, write custom evis) (maybe we should have a drop down here instead?)
  • "where's my profile" (even though he saw torst at the top in orange he was looking in settings for his profile. actually i'm not sure if he was looking to see or edit his profile. thus maybe the link at the top should say name profile)
  • account activation worked well because he changed his email (mistake first time around) and the system re-sent the activation code :-)
  • look at settings
  • back to welcome page. (its amazing how many people refer to the welcome page or email a second time)
  • (look at the state when have no subscribers and see the timeline)
  • profile home 2 column view links should show as link. - duh!
  • "why show number of subscribers if its 0? it just shows the profile is dead"
  • "why can't see pdf link?"
  • 'we should use ligher shades for the non essential options. If text is large, make it lighter.'
  • micro evis event: put date before time. date is allowing editing there. micro evis event is requiring description TODO remove this requirement. after error with post evis, could not post (button could not be clicked) TODO FIX
  • regarding twitter integration, he suggested it say "too long for twitter" instead of counting down to 140 - but we are going to change the way that works anyway.
  • subscribe options shouldn't have drop down when only one Evisite! TODO remove drop down when only one evisite  
  • regarding marketing / focus he suggested with focus on events.

As a result of this usertest I'm again reminded how important it is for us to test (and consider) the early states. i.e. as developers we always see the system with lots of data - but its those initial moments that are really important.  - We need to guide the "post registration steps" so the user doesn't feel lost.

Some other feedback from another user "R" said "all the registration worked fine - but i didn't know what to do after that".

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Image not availableUser test with daniel - thanks @karmaking (User Test)


Daniel had used eviscape about a year ago.

Comments / actions:

  • looking at other evis: "ah that's general evis"
  • clicked on Stefan.
  • used the word "channel" for Evisite
  • *bug: not his Evisite showed "edit privacey" link
  • tried to add his profile picture but tried to use the micro evis photo. *make this clearer.
  • Evisite settings. "close network related network" asked how do i know what that is *should add hops in brackets (1 hop) etc.
  • *bug Can't find Evisite in search until its published one evis
  • *bug following translations / terminology needs fixing
  • wanted tags. confused by New Type *should say optional
  • *bug inserting meta tag still doesn't add space. Then if date and location are next to each other and try to add space, the space goes within the [metatag]_here - rather than going _here[metatag]
  • direct message <- karmaking has *bug linked to simonredfern plus i wonder if the <- is confusing.
  • reply button broken on direct message layout *bug
  • wanted notification on *follow (i said but that could be source of spam he said we could have setting for that.)
  • he tried the compact layout but didn't notice the difference (i.e. the side bar going)
  • in general he said it was a bit techy but much improved on a year ago. said it felt nice to click around.

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